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Study of Factors Affecting Productivity of Pumped Concrete

Line Pump: Line pumps are versatile, portable units V. CONCLUSION typically used to pump not only structural concrete, but This report conclude that pumping productivity is affected also grout, wet screeds, mortar, shotcrete, foamed by various factors such as, shape of the pour and its location concrete, and sludge.

2005: Optimized Concrete Delivery Scheduling Using

ing unloaded into the receiving chamber of the pump, unloading concrete commenced at a slow speed. And when concrete flowed out of the discharging end of the hose, pumping proceeded at the normal speed (Panarese 1987). The HKCONSIM allows modeling the mortar batching, delivery, and flushing processes for a pumped concrete


Mar 29, 2014 · concrete pumps. A vibrator is a Labour associated with production of concrete is eliminated. 6. Time required is greatly reduced A linear programming mathematical model for …

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Pete's Concrete Pumping is based in Oakland, CA and services a variety of jobs including foundations, slabs, driveways, walkways, playgrounds, patios, stairs, footings, floors and walls. Pete's Concrete Pumping Serving the East Bay & San Francisco Area since 1988

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Mathematical Modeling Mathematical modeling is becoming an increasingly important subject as comput-ers expand our ability to translate mathematical equations and formulations into concrete conclusions concerning the world, both natural and artificial, that we live in. 1.1 EXAMPLES OF MODELING


Concrete Building Processes Indoor Climate and Humidity Masonry and Building Components Pump Technology Pipe Centre Renewable Energy and Transport PRODUCTIVITY AND PRODUCTION Robot learning abilities• Vision and tactile sensing • Mathematical data modelling • Basic demonstrator to transfer technology in to the robot industry •

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Productivity data for concrete placement was taken from R.S. Means data. The productivity rate for pump placement is 160cy per day. This translates into one day to place the connector slabs and four days to place the full stories. This is a savings of two days per floor. Pump Description

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Aug 23, 2021 · It uses a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm (boom) to place concrete with precision and control speed of flow thereby saving on labour costs as builders don't need to guide the pump to control where concrete is being placed. The boom pump pours concrete at rates of 46 meters3/hour. With the advances in technology and the ability to add different accessories to a truck or trailer-mounted concrete pump, the decision on what type of pump …

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mathematical model that will give optimal set points for the canal water level (Sontek, 2002). Twenty-four pumps (12 each side), each with a discharge capacity of 600 ft3/sec, are being housed inside the pumping station. The maxi-mum energy necessary to operate MPS during maximum lifting is 375 M.W. The station will be fed with 11 kV electri-

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Nov 24, 2020 · The data obtained are the basis for the development of a mathematical model of labor productivity indicators. An analysis of the data on the functioning of the construction technological system for erecting brick walls of buildings shows that its …

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Current cost estimating model The cost controlling model for the Requirement of cost was initiated based on designs management of project management and and product features to satisfy overheads would be investigated controlling practice cost estimations (Staub-French and developed to improve project and Fischer, 2002), but it benefits during

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productivity is analyzed for direct labor. Engineering productivity has historically been elusive because there were no readily pub-lished data. If collected project data can be transformed into engi-neering models, then a set of engineering efficiencies and pro-EST.04.2 2005 AACE International Transactions Table 1—Engineering Disciplines.

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Keim Concrete Pumping Inc. recently took delivery of another DY 37X-4R on a Freightliner 108SD. Look for this unit pumping in Ohio! Introducing our newest addition the the fleet, our 2022 (37X-4R) DY Concrete Pump on a Freightliner 108SD. This 4- section Roll fold concrete boom pump provid e an extremely stable design and is a time-tested

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Title Page Title: Mathematical Modelling of Power Skiving for General Profile based on Numerical Enveloping Authors Kang Jia1,2,3 Junkang Guo1,3 Tao Ma2 Shaoke Wan1,3* Corresponding author Email

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- Kinetic mathematic modelling using Matlab. - Writing of reports and research papers.-… - Management and development of a research project in environmental air remediation. The project consisted in the photocatalytic elimination of organic pollutants in air. - Operation, troubleshooting and design of a pilot plant scale air reactor.

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The research on concrete pump productivity on the concreting of construction project in Palangka Raya aims to make a mathematic model that is able to predict the relationship between concrete pump productivity and distance and height of the location of concreting.


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Yulin Patrisia | University of Palangka Raya -

The research on concrete pump productivity on the concreting of construction project in Palangka Raya aims to make a mathematic model that is able to predict the relationship between concrete pump productivity and distance and height of the location of concreting.

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Nov 15, 2011 · The idea for pumped hydro storage is that we can pump a mass of water up into a reservoir (shelf), and later retrieve this energy at will—barring evaporative loss. Pumps and turbines (often implemented as the same physical unit, actually) can be something like 90% efficient, so the round-trip storage comes at only modest cost.

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